About us


It all started with the Bulgarian Rose...

We come from Bulgaria, our Thracian valley is famous for its rose-growing and cultivating for centuries, producing 85% of the world's rose oil. Our country is the main exporter of the raw rose material.

We work closely with our Bulgarian producers that grow and harvest roses, and distill premium organic rose essential oil and rose flower water using generations-old recipes.

A beauty product for thousands of years

Rose water has been revered for thousands of years and used as a beauty tool. The Romans were the first to document the healing powers of the natural Rose Water. Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ship in it so that, as Shakespeare wrote, "the very winds were lovesick". Michelangelo drank it with his tea... With it's soothing and hydrating abilities, as well as natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory powers, it’s the ultimate beauty essential!

Daily essentials 

Starting with the Rose water, we are creating a premium line of essential daily products for your skin containing all-natural ingredients and Rosa Damascena oil and water.

We are humble, our philosophy is to keep it simple, use high quality natural and organic ingredients, and take good care of your skin.