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Rose Daily Essentials

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the concept

Everyday Beauty Products


Introducing the three essential daily products for your skin containing all-natural ingredients. We are humble, our philosophy is to keep it simple, use high quality natural and organic ingredients, and take good care of your skin.

All you need is some Rose love!

We bring you our everyday skincare products made from the famous Bulgarian Rosa Damascena.


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Your everyday essentials from Bulgarian Rose Damascena. Organic rose floral water mist to hydrate, tone, cleanse, and refresh your skin. Moisturising and skin-softening hand cream with a subtle rose scent. Nourishing and repairing lip balm for Instant relief.

The Hand Cream

Everyday essential hand cream from Bulgarian Rose Damascena. Nourishing and skin-softening subtle rose scent formula.

The Rose Water

Organic rose floral water mist made from Bulgarian Rose Damascena blossoms. A fresh, moisturising natural product.

The Lip Balm

Rich nourishing lip balm from Bulgarian Rose Damascena. Instant relief formula with naturally powerful ingredients.


the main ingridient

Bulgarian Rosa Damascena


The Bulgarian Rose Valley is famous for its rose growing for centuries. The Bulgarian Rose Damascena is one of the most precious and aromatic oil-bearing rose flowers used for skin health since ancient times.

Synonym for love the Rose is so much more than that! It is used in many forms, rose absolute, rose oil, rose petal powder and rose water. A true skin saver, known for its many virtues and therapeutic benefits. It has soothing, refreshing, hydrating, toning and firming properties.